[Mailman-Users] case problems when customizing pipermail templates

Julian C. Dunn Julian_Dunn at cbc.ca
Fri Aug 19 17:53:15 CEST 2005


I'm trying to customize a Pipermail archive template to contain the name
of the list which is used in URLs, in other words, completely lower
case. From the list config, I thought it was this variable:

# list_name - The name by which the list is identified in URLs, where
# case is significant.

So I tried putting %(list_name)s in my Pipermail templates, but the
upper-case name keeps getting substituted when archives are generated.
How can I substitute the lowercase name to generate a URL for list info?
Note that I cannot use %(listinfo)s because we override the list info
page with a custom web application.

- Julian

-- Julian C. Dunn, B.A.Sc, P.Eng.  <Julian_Dunn at cbc.ca>
-- Platform Administrator, CBC.ca Production & Operations
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