[Mailman-Users] Questions on 'List Renaming' & Misc.

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Sat Aug 27 22:03:45 CEST 2005

Joe Espinoza wrote:

>Mark, again a million 'Thank You's'! Regarding the Automated bounce
>processing, can I just disable this?

Yes. Just set Bounce processing->bounce_processing to No.

>If so, should an email message 'bounce' how will I be notified if I
>disable the 'automated bounce processing option? I guess in this case,
>I do want to have interaction and intervene manually.

If you do nothing else, the returned bounces will be ignored and you
won't see them. If your MTA uses aliases, you can change the alias for
the listname-bounces address to send the mail somewhere else. For
example, if there is an alias that looks like

listname-bounces: "|path_to/mail/mailman bounces listname"

you could change it to

listname-bounces: "|path_to/mail/mailman owner listname"

and all bounces will be sent to the list owner.

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