[Mailman-Users] nodupes flag

Young, Darren Darren.Young at ChicagoGSB.edu
Fri Dec 2 05:33:34 CET 2005

> It doesn't. That's not at all what it does.

Good thing I asked :-) What, 'rm -fr /' doesn't log me out?

> All nodups does, is when figuring the recipients for a post (not a
> digest), if a particular member's address is found in To: or Cc:
> headers of the post and that member has nodups set for the list, that
> member will not be sent a copy of this post. This is all explained
> under "Avoid duplicate copies of messages?" on the user options page.

My bad, didn't look there. I was reading the description on the
membership management page which is a bit brief. As the 'box admin' and
'list admin' I really don't visit the user option pages all that much.
Not an excuse though.

> In other words, If you have nodups set on your 
> mailman-users at python.org
> subscription, you will only receive this post directly from me and not
> from the list since your address is in To:.

Makes complete sense, was thinking of 'nodupes' from a different point
of view, more of an 'equivalent address' (a=b) kind of thing. Just
looked at my personal options for this list and see that the 'Avoid
duplicate copies of messages?' option is indeed set to 'Yes'. That
explains why the message you sent me (that was cc'd to the list) came to
my inbox only once.

> You can set the old_domain subscription mail delivery to 'disabled'
> (nomail in the admin membership page). Then members in both domains
> will be able to post from either, but will only receive at new_domain

A scriptlet that withlist could call to set these? I've set and/or
enforced list level options (privacy, bounce processing, archival) with
those many times over, is it possible to act on an individual list
membership in the same manner? I'm really not much of a Python coder
(Perl is fine) so if I can avoid writing Python directly I do. In fact,
I'm so bad at Python that I wrote .pm's as wrappers around the supplied
command line utilities to do all my admin tasks.

I want to mention this as well to you personally. I haven't had the need
to post to this list in many months, however, almost every time I have a
question (95+%) you have had an answer. Kudo's and thanks.

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