[Mailman-Users] List create CGI

Young, Darren Darren.Young at ChicagoGSB.edu
Fri Dec 2 19:29:43 CET 2005

> If I understand you correctly, they already are there.
> <http://www.example.com/mailman/create> (linked from the 
> <http://www.example.com/mailman/admin> overview page) and 
> <http://www.example.com/mailman/rmlist>.

Getting a 'Bad URL Specification' when accessing /mailman/rmlist. Do I
have to set the option then access it directly from the admin pages?
> create requires either the site password or a special list 
> creator password set with bin/mmsitepass.

Site password will work, they already use that. Thanks,

> rmlist requires "OWNERS_CAN_DELETE_THEIR_OWN_LISTS = Yes" in 
> mm_cfg.py which will then place a list deletion link on the 
> list's various admin pages. If you don't want owners to be 
> able to do it, you could hack the Mailman/Cgi/rmlist.py 
> script to require a password instead or in addition, or just 
> create your own CGI based on that script.

Rather not give them that access, I'll take a look at rmlist.py

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