[Mailman-Users] downloading my entire members list

Eric Fox eric at fox.phoenix.az.us
Tue Dec 6 13:29:09 CET 2005

William F. Hill, Jr. wrote:
 >Right...so how do I run that?

Assuming you are the mailman administrator and have shell access to the 
system it's running on, you would logon to the box and simply run the 
command.  For example, if your list name was some_list, the command you 
would run would be:

  ~mailman/bin/list_members some_list

Which would spit out the list of all subscribed email addresses to the 
screen.  You could also use the '-o' argument to save the list in a file 
for ftp'ing or emailing elsewhere:

  ~mailman/bin/list_members -o addresses.txt some_list

If you need help regarding shell access to the mailman server, you may 
want to consider asking your Systems Administrator.  Alternatively, I'd 
be happy to answer a few questions off list.

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