[Mailman-Users] list privacy filter question

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Wed Dec 7 05:41:53 CET 2005

Fernando Sabio wrote:
>We have a list like this for each grade, and we also created one master list
>known as "all_parents@<domain>" - the addressees in this list are the other
>"to" addresses for the other six grade-specific lists.  (so,  class lists
>have  ~ 80 emails of parents, the 'all_parents' list only has 6 members
>"classof09-list, classof10-list" etc. ) 

So all_parents is what Mailman calls an umbrella list. It should be set
as such so that things like password reminders go to the various
classofnn-list-owner addresses instead of to the entire classofnn-list
address and hence to the entire list.

>I've used the name of the parent/master list as an approved sender on the
>white-lists for the 6 sub-lists, but the list to list posts get
>rejected/discarded -  so, how do i find out what value to add in the 'sub
>lists' allow/white-list field so that this 'master' list can relay mail
>to/through them?  Is it a variant of my hostname+domain-name,
>mailman+domain-name, etc?    

It depends on how you validate membership. If you have not set
USE_ENVELOPE_SENDER in mm_cfg.py, the sender of the post is the
address in the From: header of the post which is the original poster
unless the all-parents list is anonymous in which case, the From: is
all-parents at ...

If you have set USE_ENVELOPE_SENDER = Yes in mm_cfg.py, then the sender
that's used will be all-parents-bounces at ... in the case of posts that
come from the all-parents list.

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