[Mailman-Users] How to stop sendmail from spewing messages one itstarts?

Paul Williams paul.williams at uwex.edu
Fri Dec 9 15:49:43 CET 2005

> Paul Williams wrote:
>>1).   A user added a large number of subscribers by uploading
>>     an Excel spreadsheet.  Mailman accepted the file and 
>>     addresses appeared reasonable when viewed with IE but
>>     not so good with mozilla (each alpha char was followed by
>>     a box).   I was able to remove the names using the 
>>     remove_members command by removing all members.
>>     It seems that it might be a good check when importing a
>>     list of users, for mailman to make sure it is a text file
>>     so users don't mess things up inadvertantly.
> What Mailman version is this? Current Mailman (2.1.6) is pretty good
> about weeding out addresses with non-printable ascii characters. In
> particular, it won't accept whatever characters were displaying as a
> 'box'.

We are using mailman 2.1.5.
Is 2.1.6 that much better?

>>2).   The second problem that developed is that the user has
>>     set notification on subscribing to yes and so she and
>>     her boss bere getting several thousand emails.
>>     I finally had to completely delete the list.
>>     Is there a better way to tell mailman to stop sending email
>>     from a specific list?   If that is possible, I have not
>>     bumped into an explanation how mailman works so I would
>>     be able to stop it sending emails.
> Mass subscribe allows subscribing with or without notifications
> regardless of list settings.
> The notifications are created and placed in Mailman's virgin queue
> (qfiles/virgin/) and then processed by VirginRunner and placed in the
> out queue (qfiles/out). They are then picked up by OutgoingRunner and
> delivered to the outgoing MTA.
> You can stop Mailman (bin/mailmanctl stop) and then simply delete files
> from the queues. You can use bin/show_qfiles to examine qfiles if you
> are in doubt about what to delete.
> Of course, none of this deals with messages that have already been
> delivered to the MTA and are queued there.


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