[Mailman-Users] Virtual Host sending problem

Julia Frizzell Julia_Frizzell at brown.edu
Thu Dec 15 22:29:56 CET 2005

Greetings everyone!

New to the list, and having some mail delivery problems.

I have setup up an OS X 10.4 Server box to run Mailman, and Mailman 
only.  No regular mail is going through this box.

Everything was working fine. And then, Virtual Hosts came in.

The main reason for this Mailman installation is to support a 
virtually hosted website. The people will be discussing the site and 
other things on the lists.

The DNS is being handled off-site, by the organization who asked us 
for this setup. We got them to make MX records and point them to the 
right addresses.

I believe I've configured Mailman right, but of course, it's not 
working, so something isn't right.

The lists work fine for sending. (I have two virtual hosts). I can 
create lists using the web interface, and subscribe people to them. I 
can get the password and list creation messages sent out (all mail is 
relayed out using my employer's SMTP server, per their policies).

But, in trying to send mail, I am stymied. The first time, mail was 
rejected immediately, didn't pass go, didn't collect $200. I added 
into Server Admin the two virtually hosted domains. That seems to 
have made a change, as now my mail goes off into the great beyond, 
instead of immediately being rejected.

In looking at the SMTP error log, this is what I'm seeing for the error:

Dec 15 14:54:53 list postfix/lmtp[27282]: 88BFD47E63: 
to=<***@***.***.***>, relay=none, delay=1641, status=deferred 
(connect to /var/imap/socket/lmtp[/var/imap/socket/lmtp]: No such 
file or directory)

And sure enough, if I go into that directory, there is no lmtp file 
or directory in that spot.

But, since Mailman *is* working for the non-virtual host, I think 
I've just misconfigured something somewhere, or left out a step.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!
Julia Frizzell
Systems Administrator/Help Desk Manager
The Education Alliance
222 Richmond Street, Suite 300
Providence, Rhode Island  02903-4226
julia_frizzell at brown.edu
401.274.9548 x311 or 800.521.9550 x311
401.421.7650 (fax)

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