[Mailman-Users] Exchange and attachment

Susan Feng sfeng at stanford.edu
Fri Dec 16 03:18:26 CET 2005

I saw this thread from a 2003 email, but there was no follow-up to it.

We are having similar problem with mailman 2.1.6 version. Exchange users
receive their email "body as attachment". Other email clients are fine. 

The list has content filter turned off. 

Anyone knows how to configure the list correctly so the message will
actually show up for exchange users not as an attachment?



|I'm having a terrible time with the 2.1.2 upgrade.

|Ever since the upgrade, anyone using Microsoft Exchange Server receives 
|messages as an attachment.  So, using the new Content Filtering feature, I 
|set filtering to Yes and instructed Mailman to convert text/html parts to 
|plain text.  This seemed to work, but then no one could send attachments.

|So, within the area marked "Remove message attachments that don't have a 
|matching content type."  I added:

|Didn't help.  So, I added:


|Didn't help.  Still can't add images.

|Finally, I added:

|. . . but we still can't add images.  I've attached a screen shot of my 
|resulting Content Filtering page.

|This is a list for alumni of a college singing group.  Most messages don't 
|contain images, but occasionally people pass around old photos.

|Can anyone help?



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