[Mailman-Users] Doubt with python and mailman

Xabier Guitián xabier at alsernet.es
Fri Dec 16 18:07:15 CET 2005

	What happens if... you kill python after 'theorically' shutting down the 
mailman correctly? That is you execute the script '/etc/init.d/mailman stop' 
wait half an hour and then kill the python process who is hoggin the CPU with 
99% of use. Is this a problem to the possible mails that were being 
processed? Is it necessary to send them again?

Thanks in advance.
Xabier Guitián 
xabier at alsernet.es
Alsernet 2000 S.L.
Tlf: 902 187 187 - Fax: 902 187 188

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