[Mailman-Users] "There are no pending requests"

Ben Ostrowsky ostrowb at tblc.org
Mon Dec 19 16:37:56 CET 2005

> If the number of messages being held is -1, then there was a 
> bug/problem with upgrade that caused that.  You go to handle 
> the messages, you see -1, you try to release -1 messages, 
> after that things are fine.

No, the message I get is "ipac Administrative Database (newline)
There are no pending requests. Click here to reload this page."

> Are the messages in fact disappearing, and never being mailed 
> to list members?

I'm not sure whether the messages are still being held somewhere.

> Are any messages getting through?

Yes, some messages are getting through.

> Is it possible that your mail aliases are pointing to the old 
> Mailman, which is storing them in the old queue, and the new 
> Mailman isn't seeing them at all?

Probably not, since the old Mailman is on a different server.

I've also tried bin/check_perms -f and was told there were no problems.

What else might be going on?


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