[Mailman-Users] Where's my mail?

Ben Ostrowsky ostrowb at tblc.org
Tue Dec 20 17:05:43 CET 2005

> See
> <http://www.python.org/cgi-bin/faqw-mm.py?req=show&file=faq03.014.htp>.

Thanks -- it seems that the problem here is not actually with Mailman, as I
can post to lists as long as I'm not in the building.  I think I have to
configure my main mail server, since in-house PCs deliver all their mail to
mail.tblc.org (but machines outside the network have their own MTAs which
sensibly deliver directly to lists.tblc.org as per the MX record).

I've got mail.tblc.org set up to forward list mail, I think; /etc/aliases on
the main mail server looks like this (for each list):

youth: youth at lists.tblc.org
youth-admin: youth-admin at lists.tblc.org
youth-bounces: youth-bounces at lists.tblc.org
youth-confirm: youth-confirm at lists.tblc.org
youth-join: youth-join at lists.tblc.org
youth-leave: youth-leave at lists.tblc.org
youth-owner: youth-owner at lists.tblc.org
youth-request: youth-request at lists.tblc.org
youth-subscribe: youth-subscribe at lists.tblc.org
youth-unsubscribe: youth-unsubscribe at lists.tblc.org

And I've run 'newaliases' already.

So now I'm off to troubleshoot Postfix on the main mail server...

Thanks again!

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