[Mailman-Users] scrubbing/posting attachments?

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Tue Dec 20 22:28:26 CET 2005

Ben Bolker wrote:
>  We would very much like to be able to configure Mailman to strip certain
>attachments, but rather than deleting them entirely have them posted to
>a temporary or archived location and have the attachment replaced by
>a link to that location.  (The point would be to allow users to send
>useful attachments to the list (e.g. Excel files etc.) without hammering
>the mail server.)
>   It seems that Mailman already does something very much like this for
>archiving purposes.  Is it imaginable that the existing code could be
>hacked/adapted to allow this behavior?

Mailman 2.1.6 and above also does this for regular posts if you set the
list's scrub_nondigest attribute to Yes. You can also make the default
for new lists = Yes by putting


in mm_cfg.py.

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