[Mailman-Users] bounce disable messages even when getting mail

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Wed Dec 21 16:54:45 CET 2005

Dave B wrote:
>The log does show that bounces are being recorded for my address. It 
>shows the bounce message and score and then shows that account was 
>disabled. There are also several (10 - 20) entries per list per day 
>stating that address had received a bounce for that day and also 
>several entries about receiving residual bounces.

So bounce processing is working as it should, and the issue is why are
all these bounces being returned for your address?

>>> Do you have the list's bounce_notify_owner_on_disable set to yes, and
>>> if so does the owner receive a disable notification with a copy of the
>>> triggering bounce?
>It is set to yes. and bounce_notify_owner_on_removal is set to yes.

So the list owner should be getting a notice when the subscription is
disabled. This notice should have the triggering bounce attached to
it. This may help you figure out what is being bounced and why.

Here's one thought. If your deliveries are VERP'd (so that messages to
you have an envelope from something like
listname-bounces+dave=dpss.bz at example.com, and if you have a misguided
MUA that includes the 'envelope from' in a reply to the list, every
time you reply to a list post, you will register a bounce because any
message at all sent to listname-bounces+user=users.domain at list.domain
will register a bounce on listname for user at users.domain.

>(I am out of town for a week or so and only able to check my email 
>every other day so please don't think I am unresponsive and therefore 
>not that interested in figuring this out).


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