[Mailman-Users] receiving list mail from account towhich mail cannot be delivered

webster at lexmark.com webster at lexmark.com
Thu Dec 22 21:28:36 CET 2005

Mark (& Dan (& others)),

Thanks for the info.

I figured my #1&2 question was available in the webgui somewhere, but I 
just didn't notice that 'Privacy options' expands.
I [now] guess that's what the '...' is for, huh ?   :-)

Anywho, your comments on my #3 question, below, gets me to thinking.
I could have the 'config_list -i path/to/file/above' just run whenever, like from cron, no ?
Even better, if there were some kind of 'trigger' to hook when a new list 
is created from the web...

Gary R. Webster

Mark Sapiro <msapiro at value.net>
12/21/05 06:19 PM

        To:     webster at lexmark.com, mailman-users at python.org
        Subject:        Re: [Mailman-Users] [mailman-users] receiving list mail from account 
towhich mail cannot be delivered

webster at lexmark.com wrote:
>I see two ways to do this:
>1)  Make it a list member with 'nomail' checked.
>2)  When this account first tried to send e-mail to a list, it was not a 
>member, the note was held, & the moderator was notified.  On the 
>moderators html page (/admindb/), I can check the box 'Add ... sender' & 
>select the radio button 'Accepts' .
>So, now a few questions:
>1)  Can/How #2 be done before-hand (before the e-mail is held because the 

>sender is not a member of the list), on the website ?
>2)  related to #1:  How can this 'accept this address as sender' be 

For both 1 and 2 go to the admin Privacy options...->Sender filters
page and look at the Non-member filters.

>3)  & most importantly:  Is there a way to make this default for all new 
>[created] lists ?  Can I set some 'default' so that a specified e-mail 
>address is either accepted as a sender without being a member, or make it 

>a member which doesn't receive mail ('nomail'), for all new lists at 
>creation ?

No. You can set


in mm_cfg.py, to accept posts from all non-members by default until you
change it, but this isn't what you want.

You could do something like the following:

Create a file containing the one line

accept_these_nonmembers = ['the_bot at example.com']

Then you could create a shell script similar to

bin/newlist $1
bin/config_list -i path/to/file/above $1

and use that to create lists. I can't think of a similar way to do this
if you want to create lists from the web.

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