[Mailman-Users] Command-line moderation...

Brad Knowles brad at stop.mail-abuse.org
Thu Dec 29 07:53:07 CET 2005


	I recently ran into a minor problem, and took the opportunity to 
update the FAQ with the latest information I've been able to find so 
far on the topic.

	In another open-source project I'm involved with, I also manage 
the mail server and the mailing list services.  Through a fault of my 
own, one of the lists on this server hasn't seen any moderation in 
weeks, or maybe months.  Hundreds, possibly thousands, of spam 
messages built up in the moderation queue -- this is a very popular 
address for spammers, as far as I can tell.

	Of course, the web interface was way too bloody slow.  So, I 
tried to find some of those command-line moderation tools that we've 
talked about before.  Unfortunately, I wasn't able to find very much 
that was useful.  I did find Skip's "mmfold.py" script, but on our 
server we do the same HTTP/HTTPS modification as outlined in FAQ 
4.27, but my command-line web client doesn't support HTTPS, so 
mmfold.py doesn't help me.

	Anyway, I pulled together all the rest of the information I know 
on the subject, and put it into FAQ entry 3.61.  Now, if we can get 
some of those "large list" sites to contribute their command-line 
moderation tools, the entire rest of the Mailman community will 

	Meanwhile, I'm going to go make yet another update to my "mmdsr" 
script so that I won't get blind-sided again, at least not in this 
same way.

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