[Mailman-Users] help needed for aliases

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Wed Feb 2 16:41:34 CET 2005

Dinar Ali Kadri wrote:
>mailman is install and site is here but the problem is the aliases i made them but how can i masquerade them or i cant i mean mail-bounces is set to an alias but mail-bounces at pakishop.com is not so when i subscribe for a list i gets an error (smtp-failure) mailbounces at pakishop.com is not a recognize address mail-bounces is a right one, so how to masquerade or to do to set it working.I tried to put @ on aliasess but when i try to made it , it said only local addressess can be aliases, so i am stuck.So what shall i do now to make it working ?

This is a question which is better directed to a list or other resource
which supports your MTA. If you are going to ask it here, you must at
least tell us what MTA you're using and what your aliases look like
and what you've done to configure youre MTA to use these aliases.
Still, you'd be better off providing this information to some support
resource for your MTA.

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