[Mailman-Users] complete personalisation

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Mon Feb 7 02:39:41 CET 2005

Stefan Hofmeir wrote:
>each subscriber of a newsletter list should see his email address in
>the "to" field, so I have set "personalize:  complete
>But why is every newsletter sent in "cc" to the list address?
>To: Subscriber123 <subscriber123 at provider.tld>
>CC: mailmanlist <mailmanlist at serveraddress.tld>

The Cc is added so the recipient can reply to the list with the
reply-all feature of his/her MUA.

I gather from your other post that your list is also anonymous and in
this case the Cc is redundant as the list posting address is already
in From and Reply-To:

>How can I delete the "cc" field?

I have submitted a patch for this at

This patch will supress adding the Cc if the list is anonymous.

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