[Mailman-Users] Mailman 2.1.6 beta 3 released

Tokio Kikuchi tkikuchi at is.kochi-u.ac.jp
Fri Feb 11 14:53:34 CET 2005


I put together a tarball for Mailman 2.1.6 beta 3 and placed on my
Japanese Mailman site at:


This is the third beta release of 2.1.6 which are roughly scheduled to
be released by the end of February. Please grab it from above site and
upgrade your mailman.

Change from 2.1.6b2 are mainly to fix the directory traversal 
vulnerability CVE number CAN-2005-0202 http://www.list.org/security.html

Here is excerpt from NEWS file:

2.1.6 (XX-XXX-200X)

     - Critical security patch for path traversal vulnerability in private
       archive script  (CAN-2005-0202).

     - Date and Message-Id headers are added for digests. (1116952)

     - List owners can now cusomize the non-member rejection notice from
       admin/<listname>/privacy/sender page. (1107169)

     - Most of the installation instructions have been moved to a latex
       document.  See admin/www/mailman-install/index.html for details.

     - VERP_PROBES is disabled by default.

     - bin/withlist can be run without a list name, but only if -i is given.
       Also, withlist puts the directory it's found in at the end of 
       making it easier to run withlist scripts that live in $prefix/bin.

     - bin/newlist grew two new options: -u/--urlhost and -e/--emailhost 
       lets the user provide the web and email hostnames for the new mailing
       list.  This is a better way to specify the domain for the list, 
       than the old 'mylist at hostname' syntax (which is still supported for
       backward compatibility, but deprecated).

     - Added the ability for Mailman generated passwords (both member 
and list
       admin) to be more cryptographically secure.  See new configuration
       ADMIN_PASSWORD_LENGTH.  Also added a new bin/withlist script called
       reset_pw.py which can be used to reset all member passwords. 
       generated by Mailman are now 8 characters by default for members, 
and 10
       characters for list administrators.

     - Allow editing of the welcome message from the admin page (1085501).

     - A potential cross-site scripting hole in the driver script has been
       closed.  Thanks to Florian Weimer for its discovery.  Also, turn
       STEALTH_MODE on by default.

     - Chinese languages moved from 'big5' and 'gb' to 'zh_TW' and 'zh_CN'
       respectively for compliance to the IANA spec. Note that neither 
       is supported yet.

     - Python 2.4 compatibility issue: time.strftime() became strict 
about the
       'day of year' range.  (1078482)

     - New feature: automatic discards of held messages.  List owners 
can now
       set how many days to hold the messages in the moderator request 
       cron/checkdb will automatically discard old messages.  (790494)

     - Improved mail address sanity check.  (1030228)

     - SpamDetect.py now checks attachment header.  (1026977)

     - New feature: subject_prefix can be configured to include a sequence
       number which is taken from the post_id variable.  Also, the prefix is
       always put at the start of the subject, i.e. "[list-name] Re: 
       subject", if mm_cfg.OLD_STYLE_PREFIXING is set No.  The default style
       is "Re: [list-name]" if numbering is not set, for backward 
       If the list owner is using numbering feature by "%d" directive, 
the new
       style, "[list-name 123] Re:", is always used.

     - List owners can now use Scrubber to get the attachments scrubbed 
       in the web archive), if the site admin permits it in mm_cfg.py.  New
       variables introduced are SCRUBBER_DONT_USE_ATTACHMENT_FILENAME and
       behavior.  (904850)

     - Filter attachments by filename extensions.  (1027882)

     - Bugs and patches: 955381 (older Python compatibility), 
       1020013 (fix spam filter removed), 665569 (newer Postfix bounce
       detection), 970383 (moderator -1 admin requests pending), 873035
       (subject handling in -request mail), 799166/946554 (makefile
       compatibility), 872068 (add header/footer via unicode), 1032434
       (KNOWN_SPAMMERS check for multi-header), 1025372 (empty Cc:), 789015
       (fix pipermail URL), 948152 (Out of date link on Docs),  1099138
       (Scrubber.py breaks on None part),  1099840/1099840 (deprecated %
       insertion),  880073/933762 (List-ID RFC compliance),  1090439 (passwd
       reminder shunted), 1112349 (case insensitivity in acceptable_aliases)

Tokio Kikuchi, tkikuchi@ is.kochi-u.ac.jp

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