[Mailman-Users] error importing archive

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Sat Feb 12 03:19:28 CET 2005

Michael P. Soulier wrote:

>On 09/02/05 Mark Sapiro did say:
>> The 313th article in the mbox file (starting with 0) has invalid base64
>> encoding.
>Well, I couldn't find anything wrong with the article in question.

Based on the original error

>  File "//usr/lib/python2.2/base64.py", line 44, in decodestring
>    return binascii.a2b_base64(s)
>binascii.Error: Incorrect padding

I think the problem is that the base64 encoded text in the message
didn't end with the proper number of "=" characters or wasn't a
multiple of 4 characters long.

>So, I
>patched the code in Util.py to catch the exception and return the null string.
>Seems to have permitted the archives to be imported ok, while those messages
>affected would presumably be blank.
>Simply crashing like this is bad behaviour, IMHO.

I agree.

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