[Mailman-Users] mail not being sent/received

George Theall theall at tifaware.com
Fri Feb 18 02:36:07 CET 2005

On Thu, Feb 17, 2005 at 07:13:45PM -0500, jpsota at gmail.com wrote:

> >         Yup.  Does your ISP block port 25 connections coming in to
> > residential or dynamic IP addresses?
> I believe this is most likely the problem. I'm using comcast
> residential service and it issues dynamic IP addresses. I don't know
> for sure if this is the case -- does anyone know?

Let's see:

>fgrep comcast.net /var/log/mail.log
Feb 17 00:10:55 badger sm-mta[32043]: j1H5Asml032043: ruleset=check_rcpt, arg1=<xxxxxxxx at yyyyyyyy.org>, relay=c-24-10-248-169.client.comcast.net [], reject=550 5.0.0 <xxxxxxxx at yyyyyyyy.org>... Mail direct from dialups rejected; see http://www.dnsbl.sorbs.net/cgi-bin/lookup?IP=
Feb 17 02:01:56 badger sm-mta[8295]: j1H71tVX008295: ruleset=check_rcpt, arg1=<theall at tifaware.com>, relay=c-24-10-242-146.client.comcast.net [], reject=550 5.0.0 <theall at tifaware.com>... Mail from open proxies rejected; see http://cbl.abuseat.org/lookup.cgi?ip=

Nope, it's not blocked (I'm on MCI).

> Secondly, assuming this is the case, how can I get around this problem
> without changing my ISP?

Why don't you send your mail through Comcast's mail servers? You can
have Mailman do this by setting DELIVERY_MODULE = 'SMTPDirect' and
adjusting SMTPHOST in Mailman/mm_cfg.py. 

theall at tifaware.com
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