[Mailman-Users] mail not being sent/received

Brad Knowles brad at stop.mail-abuse.org
Fri Feb 18 03:23:51 CET 2005

At 7:13 PM -0500 2005-02-17, jpsota at gmail.com wrote:

>  Secondly, assuming this is the case, how can I get around this problem
>  without changing my ISP?

	You'd have to find a mail services provider that would handle 
your inbound mail on your behalf, and then use a different method of 
getting that mail sent to your server.  This could be through a POP 
mailbox download solution (using something like fetchmail), or any 
number of other solutions.

	When setting up a mailing list server, keep in mind that they 
might forcibly proxy all outbound port 25 connections through their 
servers, and place limits on you in terms of how many messages you 
may send per day/hour/minute, etc....

	In cases like this, it's usually best to either find another 
provider, or to get service with a co-location facility to perform 
all your desired server functions, and use your local provider only 
for your own personal Internet access.

	Or, if your only desire is to have a mailing list service, you 
might choose a services provider only for that function, as opposed 
to a general-purpose hosting or co-location provider.  In that case, 
the Mailman FAQ entry at 
may be helpful to you.

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