[Mailman-Users] New member needs help

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Sat Feb 19 01:19:18 CET 2005

Bonnie Lungren at WEI wrote:
>My need is to have the IP address in the welcome message replaced with
>our company name. I understand that there is a .txt template somewhere
>that I can edit. Could you please direct me on how to find it and how to
>edit it?

Editing templates is discussed in

I'm not sure which template you want becaust the list welcome message
doesn't normally have an IP address in it. The message that does
normally have an IP address for a web based subscribe is the 'confirm
your subscription' message.

Anyway, the list welcome is subscribeack.txt and the subscription
confirmation is verify.txt. The followin is more specific information
that in the FAQ assuming that the template you want is

Also, I will assume you're only concerned with English language. For
other languages, just substitute the correct language for 'en'

The base template in in templates/en/subscribeack.txt. Do not change or
remove this template. Copy it and edit the copy. By comparing the
template with the actual message, it should be clear what to change.
Things like %(somename)s are replaced with actual values. These can be
removed form the template and replaced with constant values.

For example, you may want to replace "Welcome to the
%(real_name)s@%(host_name)s mailing list!" with "Welcome to the Foo
Bar Company mailing list!"

Once you have edited your copy, if you want this change to apply only
to the 'foo' list, create the directory lists/foo/en/ and store the
modified template as lists/foo/en/subscribeack.txt. If you want the
change to apply to all lists, create the directories templates/site/
and templates/site/en/ and store the modified template as

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