[Mailman-Users] Non members to view archives selectively?

Steve Hanson shanson at cruiskeen.com
Sat Feb 19 16:14:13 CET 2005

Anne Shroeder - Internet Society wrote:
> My boss wants me to give selective access to our archives.  That is,
> they are not supposed to be public, but she wants some selected
> individuals to be able to view the archives without the ability to post
> to the list (or change their membership information).

The only suggestion I'd have here would be to maintain two archives -
the one internal to the mailman system, and possibly another external
email archive in, for example, Mhnonarc.  You could then set web
permissions via password or some such for the external archive.  This
would be really messy, though.  As Brad Knowles said, I don' think
Mailman can help you with this either.
> Obviously I can subscribe someone to the list and make the "no mail" but
> once they are subscribed and have a login, they can easily change their
> subscription to receive mail.  I honestly don't see any way around this,
> but thought I would ask anyhow.
> Anne
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