[Mailman-Users] List name not displaying in Mailmanarchives

Carol Cronin carolc at wolfram.com
Thu Feb 24 15:17:00 CET 2005

Exactly-- umbrella lists, my apologies for not using the correct terminology
the first time.

For instance, I have two separate Mailman lists-- ListA and ListB.  ListB is
the only "member" subscribed to ListA.  If I send an email to ListA, it will
archive in both ListA and ListB.

(But, if I send an email to ListB only, it will not archive in ListA.)

For some lists, I have multiple other lists subscribed.  My problem is that
if I send an email to ListA, a member of both lists who only reads the
archives won't be able to tell if the email was sent to ListA or to ListB.

If I can't make the original headers available in the archives, is there a
way to display the "to" address?  I notice that both list names will show up
as they appear in "Prefix for subject line of list postings"...is there a
way to make that field exclusive for the email address I'm sending to?

Thanks very much for all your help!


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> Brad Knowles wrote:
> >At 11:03 AM -0600 2005-02-22, Carol Cronin wrote:
> >
> >>  When I view threads in our Mailman archives, I cannot see exactly
which list
> >>  the mail was sent to.  I have nested lists, and the mail may appear in
> >>  archives.  I need to see exactly which email address was used in the
> >>  when I view the archives.
> >
> > Nested lists?  I'm not quite sure what you mean by that,
> I think the OP means something like an umbrella list and wants to know
> when a message is in the archive for a sub-list, was the original post
> addressed to the sub-list or to the umbrella list.
> >but the
> >only way I know of to see all of the original headers for the message
> >is to go to the archives and look in the unformatted 7th edition
> >mbox-format raw file, and take a look at them there.  Not all lists
> >make that available to their readers, and not all server admins make
> >that option available to their list administrators.
> I agree with the above.
> Of course, if all the lists involved have archives, you can deduce to
> which list a post was addressed by seeing which archives it is and
> isn't in, but this is probably more cumbersome than you want.
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