[Mailman-Users] Use of " in footer

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Fri Feb 25 22:03:11 CET 2005

John Fleming wrote:

>Uh, sorry for the simple question (but it will be easy to answer).  In 
>non-digest mode, footer option - How do I get a doublequote to appear 
>instead of &quote?  Like if I wanted it to read "This is a test."

The escaping of certain characters >, <, & and " entered on the admin
web pages is a result of "cleansing" to prevent XSS attacks. This
means if you want to put these things in msg_footer or whatever, you
have to use bin/config_list (or withlist) to do it.


bin/config_list -i filename listname

where filename contains for example

a line with "quoted" word
some other stuff

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