[Mailman-Users] Filter replies that contain the digest

Chris Ericksen chris at clesystems.com
Fri Feb 25 21:18:09 CET 2005

    I've searched around the web for this answer and haven't found 
anything.  My problem is this:

I have a list that sends out a digest monthly, so if one of my users 
reply to that digest and include the entire digest in their reply the 
list is blasted again with a large "digest size" email.  When other's 
reply to their email, it continues to grow (I already filter on size, 
but I'd rather be more specific to just emails that contain the 
digest).  I'd like to prevent users from replying with the entire digest 
in the body of their email.  My initial impulse was to add a header to 
the digest and filter on that header, but I wonder if there's a better 
way to control this behavior using mailman.

Any ideas/comments are welcome.



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