[Mailman-Users] Cannot List Members

Jeremi Bergman jeremi at mividdesigns.com
Sun Feb 27 16:38:05 CET 2005

Thanks, you are correct in saying I use cpanel.  I knew the lists had 
something appended to them by cpanel, but I thought it was only their 
username.  Turned out it was the full domain, and after looking in the 
lists/ dir, I found that out.

Todd wrote:

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>Jeremi Bergman wrote:
>>I'm trying to use the list_members script to list the members in the 
>>list, but it says the list doesn't exist, even though it does!
>>root at bounty [/usr/local/cpanel/3rdparty/mailman/bin]# ./list_lists
>>6 matching mailing lists found:
>>        Cbmvols - [no description available]
>>        epistle - Paul's E-Pistle
>>        Mailman - Mailman site list
>>      ogniwapat - Ta-Pa-Win-Go Fans
>>   PaulsEpistle - [no description available]
>>         Prayer - [no description available]
>>root at bounty [/usr/local/cpanel/3rdparty/mailman/bin]# ./list_members epistle
>>No such list: epistle
>>root at bounty [/usr/local/cpanel/3rdparty/mailman/bin]#
>                          ^^^^^^
>You're using cPanel from the looks of it.  cPanel patches the standard
>Mailman source to allow for multiple lists with the same name in
>different domains.  The way they do this is to add the domain name
>onto the listname.  Obviously, they didn't make the patch change the
>output of list_lists though and this is confusing (it would be even
>more confusing if you actually had multiple lists of the same name and
>used the --bare option to not display the list descriptions).
>Try adding _yourdomain.tld to the list name when you call
>list_members.  Something like:
>    ./list_members epistle_example.com
>You can see the real list name when you go to the list's web pages, if
>you need to figure out what domain name to add.
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