[Mailman-Users] Populating member name in Mass Subscription

Pantejo, Barbara FTL BPantejo at citco.com
Mon Feb 28 16:53:49 CET 2005

I noticed in the Member Management->Membership List section that a member
name can be associated with the member address. Can I populate the member
name using an uploaded file in the Mass Subscription? In other words, in the
upload file can I place the member name after the member address, with a
space between the email addres and the name? 

For example, in the upload file it would look like this:
tsmith at emailaddress.com Tom Smith
bjones at emailaddress.com Bob Jones
wbell at eamiladdress.com William Bell

If this cannot be done, how can I populate the member names along with the
member addresses in a Mass Subscription method?

I appreciate any feedback,

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