[Mailman-Users] Automated bounce removal

Chance Eppinette eppinette at ulm.edu
Mon Feb 28 18:49:10 CET 2005


I am new to this list, but have been a long-term Mailman user.  My current
Mailman version is 2.0.11

We have a list of over 13000 members.  I have the bounce options set to
remove & notify the administrator when excessive bounces occur for a
subscribed member.
However, the system is not removing the subscribers after the minimum
bounces of 2 occur.

Has anyone encountered this issue and should it be fixed in newer versions?


Chance Eppinette
Technology Support Manager
ULM Computing Center
eppinette at ulm.edu
318-342-5021 (phone)
318-342-5018 (fax)

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