[Mailman-Users] customizable pages

Teressa Haefele th at brooklynmedialab.com
Mon Jan 3 01:24:04 CET 2005

As a webmaster I enjoy the use of the mailman list manager for my 
website. Thank you for developing such a wonderful tool. I am curious, 
how come I do not have access to all the html pages that appear as part 
of the sign up process. for example the primary login page, if a member 
neglects to put in an email address to unsubscribe or edit options they 
are kicked to a login page which can not be edited. I am curious if you 
will be adding those pages to the edit the public html pages part of 
the admin interface in any upcoming versions of mailman.

thank you,

Teressa Haefele
Co-Founder/Technical Director
Brooklyn Media Lab

Phone #  (347) 244-1741

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