[Mailman-Users] Identical list names on milti-virtual-domains host

Yassen Damyanov yd at media-c.de
Fri Jan 7 14:24:44 CET 2005

Hi, list!

A multi-virtual-domain host running mailman/postfix/apache2.

The bin/newlist script tells me that I can specify the web host
that is associated with the list:

"You can specify the domain to create your new list in by spelling
the listname like so:
    mylist at www.mydom.ain"

So far so good... but doing so does not seem to let mailman distinguish
between mylist at www.mydom.ain and mylist at www.myother.domain ...

Is there a way to have two lists with idential names and different

Your help would be greatly appreciated!


Yassen Damyanov
Troyer Information Systems

email: yd at troyer.co.at
ICQ# : 169382108
web  : www.troyer-is.com

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