[Mailman-Users] how to fix ASCII encoding error in admindb?

Mike Alberghini sysmda at zim.gsu.edu
Fri Jan 7 20:14:10 CET 2005

I'm fighting with a bad message in one of my lists.  I click on 
"Tend to pending moderator requests" on the admin page and get the
"We hit a bug!" page that dumps with 

UnicodeError: ASCII encoding error: ordinal not in range(128)

I know i've got a bad char somewhere in a held message, but when I
move all the heldmesg-* files for that list out of /mailman/data
I still hit the problem!

What am I missing?  Where else is the data stored and how can i nuke
so the list will work again?

Michael Alberghini
Software Systems Engineer
Georgia State University
mike at gsu.edu

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