[Mailman-Users] Tracking bounces

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Mon Jan 10 20:23:53 CET 2005

Eric Elder wrote:

>I'm still looking for a way to track the bounced emails in mailman.  Is 
>there an easy way to lookup which of the users have been bouncing 
>BEFORE they reach their bounce limit?  Is it also possible to see why 
>they're bouncing, or is that information deleted as soon as mailman 
>records that a message has bounced?
>I'm not sure if this is in a log file that is human readable, or in 
>another place that is even viewable through the mailman interface, but 
>I can't seem to find a way to find this info.

The Mailman bounce log is human readable and will tell you what
addresses are bouncing/have bounced on what list(s). The specific
bounce message and reason is not saved so you don't see this until you
receive the notice when they reach the limit.

The bounce log is usually logs/bounce in your mailman installation
directory but the directory containing the logs can be changed by
assignment to LOG_DIR in mm_cfg.py.

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