[Mailman-Users] Group mismatch error. Mailman expected the mail

Dr. Scott S. Jones drjones at xmission.com
Tue Jan 11 20:01:17 CET 2005


>>Group mismatch error. Mailman expected the mail wrapper script.
>I am unsure how to resolve THIS error=2E I am hoping there is some
>configuration file that I can update, instead of having to reconfigure my
>Mailman installation entirely=2E=20
>The group information is compiled into the mailman wrapper. You have two
>choices, you can either change the group the MTA operates under to match
>mailman or rebuild mailman again passing the group in the configure step
>as recommended in the error message, this is probably the best solution.
>FWIW a complete rebuild of mailman only takes a short while on most
>boxes so it shouldn't be to painful, then just install to the same
>location, nothing else should be affected although it might be prudent
>to stop mailman during the install.
Thanks for the suggestions. I hate asking but I will. I vaguely 
understand the 'wrapper' concept, but you lost me in telling me to 
change the group, I know what a group is in linux, that one may belong 
to various groups, which permits or denys access and executive privilege 
based on the group, but i am miffed how to change a group under which 
some process or application operates. How do I change it's group, or 
even determine what group it works under? If it's too painful, or 
complex, and simply reconfiguring Mailman to work better with Exim is 
preferable, point the way, how to rebuild mailman to include all the 
right stuff.

Thanks for helping and not flaming me..

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