[Mailman-Users] Identical list names on milti-virtual-domains host

Yassen Damyanov yd at media-c.de
Fri Jan 14 09:56:38 CET 2005

On Tuesday 11 January 2005 08:06, you wrote:
> On Jan 10, 2005, at 17:42, Yassen Damyanov wrote:
> > Unfortunately, it didn't work. No change in the behavior in case of
> > identical list names for different domains. Thus I am in a big trouble:
> > I was told mailman supports virtual domains so without a second thought
> > I migrated tens of domains to a machine running postfix 2.1 / apache2 /
> > mailman 2.1.5. Several mailing lists have the same name and differ only
> > by domain. Really bad ...
> Another alternative is to run multiple instances of Mailman on the 
> machine.  That can have advantages if you need different defaults for 
> different domains, want different list creator passwords, etc.

Jim, thank you for your suggestion. Seem like my last resort...

Unfortunately I stumble in many problems with the second patch
(as already reported in another thread but didn't get response).

For example:

mailman at prodo mailman $ bin/withlist -l newsletter at mydomain.com
Loading list newsletter at mydomain.com (locked)
Unknown list: newsletter at mydomain.com
The variable `m' is the newsletter at mydomain.com MailList instance
mailman at prodo mailman $ bin/withlist -l newsletter
Loading list newsletter (locked)
Unknown list: newsletter
The variable `m' is the newsletter MailList instance

Both don't work. The web interface also doesn't work (at least
some pages don't).

Generally, maintaining tens of mailman instances seemed a bad idea,
but that remains my last resort (ohh if I knew earlier for this

Can anybody point me to a good reading about setting up multiple
mailman instances on the same machine?

Thanks in advance!

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