[Mailman-Users] Stalled queue

José Zapata jose.zapata at infonegocio.net.pe
Mon Jan 17 05:30:08 CET 2005

No sweat, it was probably my fault anyway. Now that I know what the problem
is, or might be, I'll check it more closely and keep you posted.

Thanks for the help

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> The qrunners aren't supposed to stop on their own in the absence of
> errors. There's no time limit within Mailman. I don't think there's
> anything within Mailman that would cause the above and leave
> mailmanctl running. As far as I can see, the only thing that SIGTERM's
> the qrunners is mailmanctl and it only does it in response to "stop"
> or when otherwise exiting.
> Likewise, some OS event like changing run level or ?? that would
> SIGTERM all the qrunners would probably also SIGTERM mailmanctl.
> Does this happen at a regular time? I.e., is it possible that there's a
> crontab entry that's doing something to cause this?
> I'm out of ideas.
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