[Mailman-Users] Can't see old lists on admin nor listinfo page ....

Nicholas Anderson nicholas at fiocruz.br
Fri Jan 21 15:15:10 CET 2005

Hi all,

i have an installation of MM version 2.1 in an FreeBSD server.
I'm changing its OS to Slackware.

I downloaded de 2.1.5 version of mailman an installed it from the 
beggining ....  (./configure --with-my-options , make , make install )
It's working fine when i create newlists and add new users and so on ....

My problem is:

1) Is there any way to import those lists that i have on the FreeBSD 
machine ???

2) i copied archive dirs and lists dirs to my new installation 
directory, and it seems to work fine, but when i go to the admin or 
listinfo page i cant see any of them ...
they are all set as advertised  but i cant see them .... 
when i create new lists, they (those new lists) appear ...
If i use the full path to the old lists in the browser ( like 
http://localhost/mailman/admin/list-name )   it works, but how will i 
know list-name as i have more than 100 lists?? :-)

If i had any way to import my old lists, my problem would be resolved ...
I looked for something like this in the manual but i didnt find 
anything. ...

Any idea ??



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