[Mailman-Users] SOLVED: moderators' posts rejected

Yassen Damyanov yd at media-c.de
Mon Jan 24 12:44:43 CET 2005

Just solved this myself:

On Monday 24 January 2005 12:57, Yassen Damyanov wrote:
> Trying to setup an announcement-only list following
> Mailman FAQ 3.11, but got stuck:
> Seems that I've done everything described there but
> moderators' posts are rejected.

Not really; here's what I have missed:

"One final step is needed so that the moderator can post
 to the list without doing "tend administrative requests".
 Go to the admin webpage for the list and UNCHECK the
 "mod" button for the moderator ONLY. All subscribers to
 the list should have the "mod" button turned ON, except
 for the moderator. This assumes that the moderator is
 also subscribed to the list."

Yassen Damyanov

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