[Mailman-Users] Problem while trying to add to non-memberauto-accept

Michael Wollschleager michaelw at caltech.edu
Mon Jan 24 19:18:51 CET 2005

On Jan 24, 2005, at 9:52 AM, Mark Sapiro wrote:

> There actually is a bug in addError (see report at
> http://sourceforge.net/tracker/index.php? 
> func=detail&aid=1099840&group_id=103&atid=100103
> and see "line 334" in
> http://cvs.sourceforge.net/viewcvs.py/mailman/mailman/Mailman/ 
> htmlformat.py?r1=2.18&r2=
> for fix).
> The problem that triggers the bug is you have an e-mail address in the
> list which is deemed invalid and that address happens to contain a '%'
> character.

Excellent - thank you for this information, Mark.  I have found the  
offending address(es) and removed them successfully.  Now off to read  
the bug report.


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