[Mailman-Users] Problems with Reply-All

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Tue Jan 25 03:27:13 CET 2005

Brian Fields wrote:

>Hey all, I was wondering if there is anyway to prevent the reply-all
>from going to the list address...
>I've set up a newsletter address for a promotions company to promote
>one of their clients... the mailing address is on the promotions
>company's web account as opposed to the client's (they didn't have the
>access to do that.) So they would prefer that any replies or questions
>are sent to the company instead of to the list.

As long as the list address is in a To: or Cc: header, reply-all will
include the list.

One way to do what you want is to address the list posts to the company
address with a Bcc: to the list address. You would then want to look
at Privacy options...->Recipient filters and either set
require_explicit_destination to 'No' or add the company address to
acceptable_aliases so that posts aren't held for approval.

Another approach would be to set


in mm_cfg.py and then enable full personalization (on the Non-digest
options page) for the list which will replace the list address in To:
with the recipient's address. This only works for regular posts, not
for digests and incurs a big performance penalty as each recipient
message must be sent individually.

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