[Mailman-Users] Fetchmail? + mailmain + SMTP on different servers

Glen Low glen.low at pixelglow.com
Tue Jan 25 19:02:10 CET 2005

On 26/01/2005, at 1:44 AM, Mark Sapiro wrote:

> Glen Low wrote:
>> If I understand the process properly (after doing the appropriate
>> research), why would I need a procmail step at all?
>> I set up my fetchmail to poll a POP3 server for incoming mail to
>> LISTNAME-admin, LISTNAME-bounces etc. Each fetchmail rc line has mda
>> set directly to mailman, avoiding the procmail step entirely -- am I
>> missing something?
>> e.g.
>> poll something.com with protocol pop3 username "LISTNAME" there with
>> password "XXX" is "mailman" here mda "sudo -u mailman
>> /usr/share/mailman post LISTNAME"
> It seems you don't need the procmail step. I'm not fetchmail literate
> so when you mentioned procmail, I knew that would work. But as you
> describe it, as long as you can get each listname-* address separately
> with fetchmail and pipe it to the appropriate command, that's all you
> need.

OK, neither am I, just spent several hours grappling with fetchmail and 

FYI (and the list's), the fetchmail recipe is

poll something.com with protocol pop3 username "LISTNAME" there with 
password "XXX" is "mailman" here mda "/usr/share/mailman post LISTNAME"

etc. -- the sudo was incorrect since the fetchmail should have been run 
under mailman user anyway.

Then in mm_cfg.py set the SMTPHOST to whatever the outgoing mail server 

With this setup I can run Mailman on my own private server (which may 
not be up 100%) and still get and send mail from my main public 
servers. The only thing that seems to need to be public is the web 
pages and CGI...

Cheers, Glen Low

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