[Mailman-Users] Strange bounce messages - why is it allowedthroughand how do I find out?

Lars Bungum lars.bungum at copyleft.no
Wed Jan 26 22:31:18 CET 2005

On Wed, 2005-01-26 at 20:24, Mark Sapiro wrote:
> >I'll enclose the mail that gets sent through.
> I can't tell much from the mail you enclosed which came from the list.
> What you have to see is the message that arrives to the list before it
> is resent from the list.

Where could I find this message?

> I suspect the reason that it gets through is that the incoming message
> has an envelope from the original subscribed address and that is why
> it is accepted for the list.

That was probably it.

> If you don't have too many digest subscribers, you could e-mail each
> one individually and see which address returns this bogus bounce and
> then just unsubscribe it.
> Or, you could send one mail with Bcc: to all digest subscribers. If I
> am right, this will produce a bounce and the envelope sender or some
> header will identify who it was sent to.

Good stuff!  Thanks for your pointers, I was now able to work out out. 
I listed all my digest subscribers and ran them all through "exim -bt"
grepping for the mail server that is listed in the header-info in the
enclosed mail.  I found only one address from that server which I tested
- and reproduced the silly bounce message.  Now it's unsubscribed,
problem solved, many thanks!


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