[Mailman-Users] cpoying lists into mailman via commandline

Meike Reichle mrei0999 at rz.uni-hildesheim.de
Fri Jan 28 19:07:49 CET 2005

Hi all

I am currently in the process of moving all my university's mailing 
lists from majordomo to Mailman. I think I got most things figured out, 
I wrote a few scripts that generate the new lists and add all the 
members, no problem there. But there's one thing I am still unsure about.
It seems that per default new members in a list are moderated for their 
first few posts. I also know there is an option somewhere in the 
webinterface to switch that off. However, it's quite a lot of mailing 
lists, so I'd rather not switch them all to unmoderated by hand but 
rather include it in my script or change the Default alltogether.

Is there anything I could do to solve that?

Thanks very much in advance,

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