[Mailman-Users] footer with arc+hive-url from mail

Renaud Richardet renaud.richardet at wyona.com
Fri Jul 1 17:20:08 CEST 2005


Mark Sapiro wrote:

>Renaud Richardet wrote:
>>I would like to include the url where the mail is archived in the 
>>message footer.
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>Of course, you can include a link to the list's archive index page in
>the footer, and a link is already in the RFC 2369 headers, but
>including a link to the actual archived message in the message itself
>is not currently an option. In fact, given the current architecture of
>Mailman, I don't think it is even possible.
>The handler pipeline queues the message for the archive qrunner and
>then queues it for the outgoing runner. At the time it is queued for
>the outgoing runner it must be complete, yet the archive runner may
>not have processed it yet, so the actual archived message URL may not
>even be known yet.
OK. That's what I suspected :-(
Such a feature would be very convenient for me. If someone else has a 
hack, let me know.

Thanks for your answer.

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