[Mailman-Users] Mailman list itself

Jim hd at jcshome.net
Sat Jul 9 17:59:27 CEST 2005

I've read through the faqs and searched the messages (hopefully I used 
the proper keywords for the search) but have found no fix for my problem.

A little background, I'm running Fedora Core 3 with sendmail-8.12.8-9.90 
and mailman-2.1.1-7.

I followed the installation directions in /usr/share/docs/mailman and 
after a few minor corrections I have mailman up and running.

I created a new list to test with and it works flawlessly, everything 
just works right. :-) For the test list that is...

The problem is that the list I created on the install called "mailman" 
doesn't work quite right, or anyway, in my mind it doesn't.

Whenever I try to go to the admin section of it I just get shoved back 
to the listinfo screen.

After several false starts I've narrowed the problem down to a problem 
with the case of the word mailman in the html code.

For example, if I go to it works!!!

But in the html code itself, it points to: which doesn't work because the 
last mailman doesn't have an upper case M in it.

I have gone so far as to delete the mailman list and recreate it with 
the thought that I had messed something up when I did the install. I get 
the same results, the html code wants it in lower case (which when I 
recreated it, I made sure it was in lower case) but it has to be an 
uppercase M when it displays. I've recreated the list with a lowercase m 
and with an uppercase M, nothing seems to work, the html code always has 
a lower case m but for the command to work, it has to be an uppercase M. 
This causes all of the mailman list links to fail because they are 
always in lower case.

I have gone so far as to do an override in mm_cfg.py by adding this line:


I know that this is probably a configuration change that I missed or 
unwittingly changed but I have been unable to find it.

Any thoughts on how to fix or ideas to use for search terms because I am 
fresh out of ideas.

Thank you!


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