[Mailman-Users] E-Mail to some users get lost or are very late

Brad Knowles brad at stop.mail-abuse.org
Tue Jul 12 16:15:15 CEST 2005

At 3:41 PM +0200 2005-07-12, Götz Reinicke wrote:

>  I looked deeper into the mailq and found, that some mails are shown this
>  way; this told me nothing:
>  mailq -q | more
>  j6C9MS4l024817*     729 Tue Jul 12 11:22
>  <studenten-list-bounces at mail.filmakadem
>                    (Deferred: local mailer (/usr/bin/procmail) exited
>  with EX_TE)

	This is a more serious problem, but exists with your local mailer 
(procmail).  This is outside of the realm of Mailman, and not 
something we're likely to be able to help you with.  You're going to 
need to do some more debugging inside your MTA and within procmail to 
figure out exactly what is going wrong and why.

	I suggest you use Google to find resources more appropriate to 
your MTA and procmail.

>                                            fchoquet
>                                            csakarov
>                                            mhartman
>                                            afetsche
>                                            bbodmer
>                                            <fhebestr at filmakademie.de>
>                                            gkuschmi
>                                            \\mmueller4
>                                            jlocher
>                                            mstachle
>                                            jproehl
>                                            sarendt
>                                            afieser
>                                            cschwoch
>                                            sschmid
>                                            fkoziol
>                                            nimfeld
>                                            estrecke
>                                            kschmid
>                                            sduevel
>                                            cpellander at aol.com
>                                            matthiasmkm at aol.com
>                                            email at bjoernhoven.de
>                                            tim at garderobe23.de
>                                            frederik.ring at gmail.com
>                                            jicks at gmx.de
>                                            frankjoc at gmx.de
>                                            MSart at gmx.de
>                                            bennolve.mc at gmx.de
>                                            celineburgy at hotmail.com
>                                            Kristof.Koehler at katv-medien.de
>                                            vital at klubkran.ch
>                                            info at klubkran.ch
>                                            kris at kriskind.de
>                                            sts at moonshore.de
>                                            akademie at videovalli.de
>                                            logolt at web.de
>                                            dermarcod at web.de
>                                            lexa.menning at web.de
>                                            kristineknudsen at web.de
>                                            lost-my-innocence at web.de
>                                            mirko_i at yahoo.de
>                                            lanark11 at yahoo.de

	These last addresses (the ones that aren't local to your server) 
are definitely screwed up.  They shouldn't be delivered locally to 
your server, and therefore should not be affected by problems with 
the MTA or procmail.

	I suspect that these problems you've highlighted here with 
procmail are actually older messages that are stuck in the queue and 
being retried.  It may take some time for them to clear.

	Meanwhile, you need to check the MTA logs for the personalized 
messages to see if they're going through or not.  These logs will be 
specific to your MTA, and not something we are likely to be able to 
help you with.

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