[Mailman-Users] Mailman 2.1.6 slowness...?

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Sun Jul 17 17:46:53 CEST 2005

Jeff Squyres wrote:
>Some of our preliminary results are causing us to scratch our heads.  
>Here's some output from the mailman smtp log:
>Jul 17 07:49:20 2005 (4460) <20050717122437.79C6BD0C57 at rekin6.o2.pl> 
>smtp to lam for 443 recips, completed in 621.976 seconds
>Jul 17 07:52:21 2005 (4460) 
><mailman.142.1121603081.4458.lam at lam-mpi.org> smtp to lam for 141 
>recips, completed in 180.912 seconds
>Jul 17 07:52:33 2005 (4460) 
><mailman.143.1121603081.4458.lam at lam-mpi.org> smtp to lam for 8 recips, 
>completed in 12.025 seconds
>This is from a mailing list named "lam".  The total number of 
>recipients from the three lines adds up to the number of subscribers on 
>the list who have mail enabled, so that's not puzzling (443 + 141 + 8 = 
>But we're wondering why one post on the LAM list results in 3 
>consecutive lines in the mailman output log -- it seems like there 
>should be a whole bunch of lines saying "smtp to lam for 
>[SMTP_MAX_RCPTS] recips..." or just one line saying "smtp to lam for 
>[total] recips..."
>Why three?

There are three different messages. It looks like you have 443
"message" recipients, 141 recipients of one format (MIME or not) of
digests and 8 recipients of the other form of digest, and
digest_size_threshhold is small enough and this post (or this and its
predecessors) large enough that this post triggered a digest.

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