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Mon Jul 18 19:14:33 CEST 2005

Thanks for the prompt response, I have been digesting and doing 
further research, I am not to experienced in the Mime format world and 
haven't found much in my Internet searches that I understood to help 
me choose what to put in the mime type..  The goal is to get the list 
into plain test with NO images, several of the users are on WEB-TV and 
can't read HTML.  I did find FAQ 3.10 and read most of the embedded 
link to the 20+ page document on the whys to keep in plain text, would 
that be the solution?

Currently the spam-specific posting filters contains (2nd field on 

# Lines that *start* with a '#' are comments.
to: friend at public.com
message-id: relay.comanche.denmark.eu
from: list at listme.com
from: .*@uplinkpro.com

These values are a hold over from previous hosting company set-up. 
Where does the suggested message have to be entered, is this something 
I have to get the hosting company to do.  I currently have a dozen or 
so users that post in HTML and there post ends up in an attachment 
which is not the optimized use of the mail server or list services.

My thanks again for you assistance and bearing with my lack of 
knowledge, You never learn until you get you feet wet.


Vern Wright

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> At 10:06 AM -0400 2005-07-12, CL-Admin wrote:
>>             My filter settings are Yes - image/bmp, image/gif, 
>> image/jpeg,
>>  image/png, image/tiff.  for image types and multipart/mixed,
>>  multipart/alternative, text/plain, application/pgp-signature,
>>  multipart/signed, text/html, message/rfc822 for remove message
>>  attachments.
> Keep in mind that you can either have an "allow" list, or a "reject" 
> list, but you cannot have both.  Pick a set of MIME types that you 
> want to allow (leaving the other field empty), and everything else 
> will get thrown away.  Or, pick a set of MIME types that you want to 
> disallow (leaving the other field empty), and everything else will 
> go through.  But you can't fill in values in both fields.
>>  My question is it possible to get a notification sent to the 
>> administrator
>>  in addition to the rejecting of these posts.  If so how is it 
>> done, do I
>>  have to get the hosting company to change the configuration files.
> If you choose "Forward to List Owner" instead of "Reject" or 
> "Discard", then you will get a notice when messages are filtered. 
> Of course, this means that you'll probably get a copy of just about 
> every single message sent to the list, which I doubt is something 
> that you want.
>>  Information question - should I be pushing the hosting company to 
>> upgrade
>>  to the latest version of Mailman?
> Depends on what they're using.  Generally speaking, running the most 
> recent -RELEASE version is a good idea.  New features are added, 
> bugs are squashed, security holes are closed, etc....
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