[Mailman-Users] pipe mails via procmail

Simon MailmanUser sm.maillists at gmail.com
Wed Jul 20 00:40:32 CEST 2005

Hey guys,

I try to use mailman (with procmail) in combination with FUD Forum (
http://fudforum.org ) to make the maillist visible in my board.

FUD has a "Mailing List Manager" included - so i filled out the forms
and assigned a mailing list to a board - but the problem is:  I don't
know how to pipe the mails to my board.

There is following example given:

* ^TO_.*php-general at lists.php.net
| /home/forum/F/test/maillist.php 1

So I guess i should insert that into a procmailrc file on my server
(at 'etc/' ), I tried that and wasted a lot of time with searching for
my mistake. It seems like my procmail doesn't even read my procmailrc
file when I write new mails to the configured mailing list.

I inserted the following into my procmailrc file:


* ^TO_.*whatever at host.org # i changed this one ;)
| /usr/local/httpd/fud/scripts/maillist.php 1

I also tried to change the permissions of the procmailrc file, but it
had no effect.

What is my mistake ?

Thank you,


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